The Arcanum: Before and After Part 3

Somewhere near the half-way point of Sphere 1 it occurred to me that one of the big differences in my photography came from simply having a reason to take photos regularly.  In my pre-Arcanum (and pre-expat) life my camera often sat in a closet catching dust between vacations and holidays.  It turns out you don't actually have to go someplace "special" to take a great photograph. Once you start looking for it Art can be found all around you.

Ducks Leaving the Construction Pond, Unprocessed (March 2015)


On a late afternoon walk I noticed that a family of ducks had shown up a an under-construction pond in a new local park.  You can tell the lighting is pretty terrible and you can see all the yucky wrinkles and dirt on the pond liner.  You can also tell that my camera sensor was due for a cleaning. But when I saw the reflections I thought just maybe I could make something from this...

Ducks Leaving the Construction Pond, Processed (March 2015)


I know this isn't a photo destined for a museum or a store front anytime soon--but as a before and after I think it makes quite a point.  I used to believe post-processing was really just for touching up and adjusting the basic image captured in-camera.  But developing those post-processing skills has taught me that it's more than a correction kit.  That software is as potent as a paint-brush and canvas any day.  Here you can see that I was able to bring out an entire range of colors in that sky as well as enhance the reflections I enjoyed initially. I didn't capture enough detail in my photo to do the ducks justice, but it is still I photo that I can be proud of. And it  goes to show that art is out there just waiting for you to make it. So fire you your post-processing tools and try out some new presets to find inspiration next time you take a "disappointing" photo.  You might just find some art hiding on your SD card.