This is me capturing a sunset in Greece.  I love using my phone as a remote shutter release when I'm using the tripod.

This is me capturing a sunset in Greece.  I love using my phone as a remote shutter release when I'm using the tripod.

I'm an Appalachian Farm Girl

Yes, you read that right. I was lucky enough to grow up on a family farm in the Blue Ridge mountains of southwestern Virginia.  I grew up in a place called Laurel Fork, current population 944.  We farmed cows and cabbage on a 1000 acres.  Today most people would call my childhood unorthodox. But I never knew any different.  I worked in the fields or the barn when they told me to.  The rest of the time I was a free range child wandering the hillsides and exploring the forrest and streams around our property.  I still prefer looking for crayfish over a day in the city. The closest town was Hillsville, VA--recently declared the poorest town in the state of Virginia.  A 20 minute drive got us into town and let us buy groceries and eventually eat at Pizza Hut!  40 minutes got you as far as a Walmart and movie theatre.  An hour and a half in the car would get you down the mountain and into a city large enough to support a proper shopping mall.  

Why Photography?

My love of photography initially came from my mom.  She picked up photography while she was earning a degree in journalism.  I wanted so badly to play with her SLR as a kid.  Instead I had to settle for browsing the 100s of photos she took.  I got my first chance to take photos when I was 9.  I had a 4-H project book on photography and a hand-me-down Kodak 110 Instamatic.  I learned a few perspective tricks and thought I could set the world on fire.  Then life happened and my camera spent lots of time in the closet.  The passion stayed dormant while I built a career and explored other interests.  Then I moved to Europe. Few things inspire my own photography as strongly as exploring new locations.  My photos were pretty lackluster at first.  Then I enrolled in The Arcanum and really learned how to use my camera and post-processing tools.  The results are all over this site. I love to create photos that can help others share the wonder I feel when I discover a hidden church or new stream. 

Where am I Geographically?

At the moment I live as an expat in Milan, Italy.  I've used this time as a chance to explore Europe and Italy in particular.  In the US my "home" these days is in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, GA.  Family in VA and Texas means I get to explore the South quite a bit.  Good thing I'm partial to sweet tea.